Chocolate Chip Cookies

For This Recipe You'll Need :

All Purpose Flour  - 1 Cup
Butter (melted)      -  1/2 Cup
Powdered Sugar  - 1 Cup
Chocolate Chips  - 1 Cup
Soda                   -1/2 Tsp
Baking Powder   -1 Tsp
Egg                     -1
Vanilla Essence   -1/2 Tsp

Method ;
First beat the egg
Next add in the butter and the sugar and beat well
To this add in the rest of the ingredients one by one and mix it (electric mixer with dough hook)
Now if your cookie dough is too sticky just add little flour to harden it ...
Next make small balls of the dough and place it on a greased baking tray
and bake them in a preheated oven at 180 Degrees C for 9 mins...
The dough balls will get flatten all by their own..
Cookie may seems to be little soft after removing from oven but, will harden as they cool.

But always keep checking in intervals because Every oven is not same.. Gain the knowledge on mastering your oven and understanding the heat settings according to the food you cook.

* Always place cookie raw dough balls far from one other because they get flatten as they get baked and cooked.
Cool your cookies and store them in a airtight container

Chocolate Balls With Coconut Filling

To Make This Recipe You will need :

Desiccated  coconut  powder
1 Cup
Milk Powder
1 Cup
Sugar Powder
1 Cup ( Can reduce to your taste)
As per your requirement
2 Tablespoons
Chocolate Compound(Dark/ Milk)
To coat the coconut balls

Method :

First Mix all the dry ingredients
Next by Adding few drops of Milk  mix everything together which will finally end up like a big coconut ball or dough ( if the dough is sticky add 1 
tablespoon  of Dry ingredients each)
Make Small  balls and refrigerate for about 10minutes ( Just to firm up in case if its soggy or sticky)

Mean while chop the chocolate and melt it by adding butter  in a microwave for 30 seconds
If the chocolate did not melt put it for another 30 seconds.
 Let it melt to the quarter part of the whole chocolate.
Remove from microwave and  stir continuously to melt the other chunks of chocolate in the bowl with the existing heat.

Now dip the chilled coconut balls in the chocolate and place it on a aluminium foiled tray
Chocolate sets fast and gives a glossy look when melting of the chocolate is done properly .

The best way is to melt the chocolate at 46 C and letting the heat to decrease till 29 C by adding additional chunks of chocolate and string it continuously...

And finally Wrap them Up with Chocolate Wrappers or just with The Aluminium Foil!

Choco Era Cups

To make this Recipe You'll Need:

Condensed Milk  -2Tbsp
Butter                 - 1 Tbsp
Milk Powder      -  2Tbsp
All Purpose Flour - 4 Tbsp
Baking Powder    -1/2 Tsp
Baking Soda        -1/2 Tsp
Cocoa Powder    - 1Tsp
Grated Chocolate - 2Tbsp
Milk(according to Consistency)  -30 to 40ml
Chocolate chips

Makes 3 to 4 Cupcakes

Mix all The ingredients with a whisk for about 1 to 2 mins.
Transfer the batter to cupcake Liners
Bake them in a Pre Heated Oven at 180degrees C  for 10mins..

*If Your Oven is a newly Manufactured Try using low Heat Setting instead of Using 180degrees
Some Ovens bake faster and some Slower... Keep an eye for every 5 mins...
Theyr done when toothpick comes out clean when inserted..

Vanilla Cupcakes Topped With Chocolate Ganache

To Make This Recipe You will need :

All purpose flour (Sifted)
 250 Grams
Powdered Sugar
250  Grams
Unsalted Butter
250 Grams
Baking Powder
5 Grams
Vanilla Essence
1 Teaspoon
Pineapple  Essence
½ Teaspoon
Whipping Cream
50 ML

Method :

Add Butter and Sugar Powder to the cake mixer and mix it until everything is creamy
Add Eggs one by one and beat until everything is well combined

 Add the Cream followed by the both the essence’s
After that add  flour and baking powder (Mix until everything gets combined, but do not over beat after adding the flour. Everything should get combined by 30
seconds. Switch off the hand mixer/blender and use a spatula)

Add them to cupcake liners uptil 3/4th
Bake them in a preheated oven of 180 Degrees C for 10 minutes or until the toothpick comes out clean when inserted

* If you have a very new oven manufactured recently with updated settings and technology try selecting  150 degrees instead 180 degrees C

To make Easy Chocolate Ganache :

Chocolate (Chopped)
1 ½ Cups
Heavy Cream or Whipping Cream
1 Cup
Vanilla Essence or any liquor
2 Teaspoons

Method :

Boil the cream and add chopped chocolate and stir it until whole chocolate is melted. Add Vanilla essence .

Finally glaze the cups cakes with ganache and top with sprinkles.

 Tips :
  • If a recipe calls for butter, substitute half quantity of butter with oil for softer cup cakes
  •  Ganache tastes best when consumed next day! 
  • If you want to make chocolate cupcakes use 220 Grams of flour and 30 Grams of cocoa powder

If you like my recipe of Vanilla cupcakes topped with chocolate ganache, then do let me know in your comments below. If you happen to make vanilla cupcakes in other method then please let me know in your comments.