Chocolate Balls With Coconut Filling

To Make This Recipe You will need :

Desiccated  coconut  powder
1 Cup
Milk Powder
1 Cup
Sugar Powder
1 Cup ( Can reduce to your taste)
As per your requirement
2 Tablespoons
Chocolate Compound(Dark/ Milk)
To coat the coconut balls

Method :

First Mix all the dry ingredients
Next by Adding few drops of Milk  mix everything together which will finally end up like a big coconut ball or dough ( if the dough is sticky add 1 
tablespoon  of Dry ingredients each)
Make Small  balls and refrigerate for about 10minutes ( Just to firm up in case if its soggy or sticky)

Mean while chop the chocolate and melt it by adding butter  in a microwave for 30 seconds
If the chocolate did not melt put it for another 30 seconds.
 Let it melt to the quarter part of the whole chocolate.
Remove from microwave and  stir continuously to melt the other chunks of chocolate in the bowl with the existing heat.

Now dip the chilled coconut balls in the chocolate and place it on a aluminium foiled tray
Chocolate sets fast and gives a glossy look when melting of the chocolate is done properly .

The best way is to melt the chocolate at 46 C and letting the heat to decrease till 29 C by adding additional chunks of chocolate and string it continuously...

And finally Wrap them Up with Chocolate Wrappers or just with The Aluminium Foil!