Choco Nutty Balls

To Make This Recipe You will need :

 2 Tablespoons
 2 Tablespoons
 2 Tablespoons
 2 Tablespoons
Orange Zest
Dark Chocolate Compound
1/2 Cup Grated ,  Next to coat the nutty balls

Method :

Dry roast all the Nuts and chop them

To the nuts add grated chocolate, orange zest and make balls. ( If your unable to make balls then freeze this mixture or add extra Roasted chopped nuts, currants etc and  make balls).

Melt the dark chocolate on the other side (microwave or double boiler method) and coat the freezed nutty balls with chocolate by simply dipping the balls into chocolate and placing over aluminium foiled tray..

Again Freeze for 10 mins and Then Your Done!!