Christmas Cookie Balls (Oreo Truffles)

To Make This Recipe You will need :

Oreo Cookies
 300 Grams
Cream Cheese
 150 Grams
Dark Chocolate Compound(Chopped )
 For coating the balls

Method :

Add Oreo's to the food Processor and  fine crumb them.

Next  add in the cream cheese and  further mix well . (It will form into a chocolate dough)
Make balls from this Mixture and let it rest in the Refrigerator for about 10 minutes    (on aluminium foiled tray)

Next melt the dark chocolate (in microwave or Double boiler method)
Remove the balls and coat with dark chocolate (spoon the balls in the chocolate and transfer to a Aluminium Foiled tray)

And Freeze it for 10 minutes and Your Done!!

If you like this recipe of Christmas cookie balls (oreo truffles), then do let me know in your comments below.