Roast Almond Chocolate

To Make This Recipe You will need :

Milk Chocolate Compound (Chopped)
2 Cups
Almonds (Dry Roasted & Chopped)
1/2 Cup (or) Self Choice
Chocolate Molds
Any Choice of Your’s

Method :

Start by Melting the Chocolate in a Microwave (or) by double boiler method.

Always Stay away from Water while working with Chocolate (It will end up with grainy texture)

If  melting in a Microwave, stir occasionally for every 30 seconds (otherwise chocolate may burn)
After stirring the small chunks of chocolate add  chopped  dry  roasted almonds. Mix well.
Next pour the melted almond chocolate mixture into the  molds and freeze it for 10 minutes and your done! 

If you like my recipe of Roast Almond Chocolate,then do let me know in your comments below. If you happen to make this chocolate in any other way. Then please let me know about your method in the comments.