Coconut Chocolate Balls

Chocolate With Coconut  always reminds me the chocolate "Bounty".. Well, these are not bounty balls but they are resemble them and they definitely go well with coconut lovers. Accompanying Coconut with Chocolate is always a Star. These balls are very simple to make just with 3 ingredients. You can roll over these Coconut Chocolate Balls in sprinkles if you wish or just roll them in the left over coconut powder..

So, for this Recipe You Will Need :

Desiccated  coconut powder
200 Grams
Condensed  milk ( Milk made)
1 Can i.e  400 grams ( using  approx  390 grams )
Dark chocolate
180  Grams ( chopped)
Choice of  nuts or sprinkles
As  required

Method : 

Firstly melt the chopped chocolate in the microwave (set for 30 seconds, check and pop in for another 30 seconds if not melted)

Next, in a mixing bowl add all the ingredients.
Mix everything well together and pop it in the refrigerator for 30 minutes or until the whole mixture is firm enough to make balls.

After Refrigeration of 30 minutes, make balls out of the Coconut Chocolate mixture.
After completion of balls, roll over the balls into the sprinkles or just left over desiccated coconut powder.

And Your Done :) 

Enjoy !!!