Honey Chilli Potatoes

Honey Chilli Potatoes is an Indo - Chinese dish. It is a sweet and spicy starter. The potato fingers are tossed in the flour, dipped in the batter, deep-fried and again tossed in different sauces. I tried this recipe following the instructions from  Bharatz Kitchen . They were yum m!!  Give it a try in your kitchen too. Treat your taste buds with a sweet-spicy yummy Potato dish!!! So, let's start making Honey Chilli Potatoes!!!

This recipe is divided into 3 parts.

 So for the first part, you will need : 

All Purpose Flour (Maida)
½ Cup
Corn Flour
¼ Cup
1/8  Teaspoon - No Picture
2 Tablespoons 

And Salt ( No Picture)

Method :

Cut the Potatoes into thin potato fingers.
Now add the potatoes to the salty water and bring the potatoes to a slight boil or until the starch comes out of the potatoes. ( Total time 5 minutes)
Next, in a bowl combine the All-purpose flour, Cornflour, oil and salt. Give it a good mix and add the drained potato fingers to the flour.

First, part is done.

For the second part you will need the following ingredients :

All-Purpose Flour (Maida)
½ Cup
Corn Flour
¼ Cup
1/8  Teaspoon
2 Tablespoons + For deep Frying
½ Cup ( Fill to the brim)

and Salt ( No Picture)

Method :

Combine all the ingredients, except oil which is for deep frying and make the batter out of it. Add the floured potato fingers to the batter.

** Do not overcrowd the batter with Potato fingers

After treating the potato fingers with the second coating, i.e the batter, deep fry them in the oil. 

Frying the potatoes is the end of the second part. 

For the third part you will need the following ingredients : 

1 to 2 Tablespoons
Green Onions  (or )  Red Onion
4 Green onion bulbs  (or) ½ Red Onion Sliced
Bell Pepper / Capsicum
½  Sliced
1 Teaspoon (chopped) – No Picture
6 to 8 Cloves (chopped)
3 Tablespoons
Chilli Sauce
1 Teaspoon
Soy Sauce
2 Tablespoons
Tomato Ketchup
1 Teaspoon
Black pepper Powder
¼ Teaspoon
M.S.G / China Salt /Ajinomoto
1/8 Teaspoon
Corn Flour dissolved in water
1Teaspoons of flour + 1/2 cup of water
Sesame Seeds (Optional)
½ Teaspoon








And Ginger ( No Picture)

Method : 

Begin by dissolving the cornflour in water. 
Next, on a high flame add oil, followed by onions, ginger, garlic, bell peppers, black pepper powder, M.S.G, cornflour dissolved in water, all the sauces and cook it until the sauce reduces.
After the sauce gets reduced switch off the flame and add the honey.
Let the sauce cool down and add the final ingredient i.e fried potato fingers. 
Garnish it with sesame seeds and greens.

And mix well. 

*** Some people  prefer to make Honey Chilli Potatoes by skipping the following procedures: 
1. Adding potatoes to the salted hot water in the First part (instead they just soak the potatoes in water)
2. Skipping the second part completely and switching to the third part directly. 
Well, yes you can skip. But, some prefer following the second part too which actually gives a different texture, crunchiness, coating to the potatoes.
So, it's up to you whether you want to follow the whole process or you want to skip. It's completely your choice. 

Enjoy! :)

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