Vanilla Sponge Cake/ Plain Sponge Cake / Plain cake

This Sponge Cake is light and fluffy. You can use this cake to convert it into a layered cake or individual pastries. This cake does not contain butter/oil or baking soda/ baking powder, yet it's fluffy and soft. You can convert this sponge cake into chocolate cake by adding cocoa powder to the batter, decreasing the all-purpose flour. With a chocolate cake, you can make chocolate truffle pastry, chocolate chip pastry, black forest, etc and with vanilla sponge cake you can make pineapple pastry, butterscotch pastry, etc or you can eat it on its own.

To Make This Recipe You Will Need :

All-purpose Flour ( Maida ) Sifted
120 Grams
Granulated  Sugar
120 Grams
Vanilla Essence
1 Teaspoon

Please click here for Eggless Cake.

Method : 

Begin by separating egg yolks and egg whites. 

Add egg  whites  to  a  bowl  followed  by  sugar  and  beat  with

 the electric hand mixer until it forms stiff peaks.

This is called "meringue".  

(It took about 5 minutes on high speed). 

Next  add  Egg  yolks,  followed  by  Vanilla  essence, and  beat 

well again for about  1  minute. 

To this Eggy foam add  all-purpose flour and blend it for 10 

seconds. If you beat it for a long time the airiness and

fluffiness gets disturbed. You can also use lightweight spoon

 or spatula and incorporate the flour into the egg foam.

(Simply, lift from the bottom and put the batter on the top.

 This is called the cut fold method).


Grease the cake tin (7") with butter or oil and transfer the cake

 batter to the tin and bake in the preheated oven(150 degrees C ) for

30 minutes.

After baking the cake, check it by inserting a toothpick or skewer, 

if the toothpick/skewer comes out clean then your cake is 

baked and done.  Let the cake cool completely and run the knife

 around the edges of the cake and invert it on the plate. 


*** All ovens are not the same. Keep an eye on the cake. Old ovens take more time to bake. Newly manufactured ovens take less time to bake.
*** In the last pic of the cake, I did not use a serrated (or) bread knife to cut the cake which looks like a mess. Use a serrated knife to cut the cake for a good look and easy cutting. If you don't have a serrated knife then cut it with a regular sharp knife carefully.


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