Suji Halwa / Rava Kesari /Kesari Bhath

This Indian dessert is popular throughout the country. This is a very simple recipe and goes well with all occasions. This is made with Suji also called Semolina, Bombay Rava. This is originated in Karnataka and called Kesari Bhath. The word Kesari refers to the color saffron. But some also make this dessert without adding saffron color. Some add Orange color. It's totally up to you. It is widely popular as Suji/Sooji halwa in the North part of India, Rava Kesari in South Part of India. To get a fancy look you can try making different colored halwa batches and pile it up one on the other to get "Rainbow Effect".  The interesting part is you can make different variations using pineapple, strawberries, and coconut.  You can make this dessert in under 20 minutes. So let's make some quick dessert "Suji Halwa"

To Make This Recipe You Will Need :

Suji / Semolina / Bombay Rava
1  Cup
1 Cup
Ghee/ Clarified Butter
½ Cup
2 ½ Cups
Pinch ( No Picture )
Saffron Colour
Pinch  (No Picture)
Nuts of your choice (Roasted and Chopped)
As  required

Saffron Food Color & Salt.

Method : 

Begin by adding the Ghee/ Clarified Butter to a minimal pre-heated pot. After melting the ghee add the Suji/Semolina/Bombay Rava to the ghee and roast it until flavor comes out. (approx about 8 to 10 minutes on medium flame) . 

               After Roasting the Suji add the sugar, Stir everything well and add water, Saffron Color, and Salt. ( I have mentioned adding salt while adding saffron color and water but I missed adding at this stage and added the salt later i.e, After slightly thickening up)

After getting the Halwa consistency to add the roasted chopped nuts which I don't have a picture of it because of Power Cut. 
 You can also serve Suji Halwa warm with Puri's for Breakfast. 


** The whole process of making the suji halwa and the final product pictures vary due to light.

** To make Suji Halwa in the traditional way, add saffron strands to get the saffron color.

** You can substitute water with milk for a richer version. 

** You can add more sugar according to your taste buds.

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