Easy Homemade Condensed Milk

Condensed Milk is used in various Indian desserts as well as in Western Treats. Some even flavor their coffee with the Condensed Milk. Its easy to buy the Condensed Milk tin from the store, give this a try, you will start making this instead of buying!  This is a very easy recipe which can be done under 10 minutes with just 4 ingredients and its tasty! Recipe courtesy- SonysKitchen. 

To Make This Recipe, You'll Need :

Milk Powder
1 Cup
3 Tablespoons (I used Nutralite)
Powdered Sugar/ Sugar Powder
6 Tablespoons (or) As per your taste
½ Cup

Method : 

Begin by bringing the water to a slight boil(until you start seeing the bubbles, switch of the stove immediately.)
Next, to a mixer jar (I used small jar) add all the ingredients and blend it until everything is smooth.
Thats it!! Its Done :)

                                  and blend until everything is smooth.


Notes :
1. It stays fresh in the fridge up to 4 days.
2. If needed, add the hot water before use to adjust the consistency after the refrigeration of the Condensed Milk.
3. I also tried making the Condensed Milk by adding Amul butter. It turned out to be thick. Add hot water and adjust the consistency.

What did I make using this Condensed Milk? : 1.Leche Flan/ Caramel Custard/ Caramel Pudding/ Creme caramel

Enjoy! :)

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