Have you ever tried popping the corn on the stove? It's pretty easy with 3 just ingredients, no fancy equipment and yes, it can be done under 10 minutes. It's cost effective too.You could flavor your Popcorn with Desi masala to International flavorings. But, today I made Chocolate Popcorn using these Popped Corns.

To Make This Recipe, You'll Need : 

Dried Corn Kernels
½ Cup/ 110 Grams
Oil (or) Butter
3 Tablespoons
1 Teaspoon

Method : 

Heat the oil in a large pot on high heat, add the kernels, saute well so that the oil coats the kernels well. Now, place a lid on the pot. After about 1 minute you will start hearing the popping sound. Give a good shake to the pot to prevent the Popcorn from burning. Once the Popping has slow down, switch off the flame, season with salt and Serve! 

Enjoy !

      Notes : Double the recipe for 4 persons.

               Thank You For Visiting Blessy's Kitchen :)

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