Green Chutney / Hara Chutney / Coriander and Mint Chutney

This is other important chutney which goes in the chaat items. We already learn't how to make Katta Meetha Chutney . This Green Chutney is packed with fresh flavors. I wanted to remind you all that you are free to adjust the amount of green chillies which goes in this chutney. Some prefer to add sugar and other flavorings like roasted cumin powder, roasted coriander powder. But I did not add here in this recipe. Well, you can add them too. Green chutney is made only with coriander leaves who are allergic to mint leaves. When you want to make this chutney in  large quantities make sure that you have 2 portions of Coriander leaves and 1 Portion of Mint leaves and add all the other ingredients accordingly to taste.This chutney can also be served with pakoda's and samosa's. So, lets start making  Hara Chutney!! 

To Make This Recipe You Will Need :

Mint Leaves
1 Cup
Coriander Leaves / Cilantro
2 Cups
Green Chillies
Small piece
Garlic cloves
3 – 4
Lemon Juice
2 Tablespoons
To Taste ( No Picture)

And Salt to Taste ( No Picture)

Method : 

Blend Green Chillies, ginger, garlic coarsely in a blender.
To the coarse mixture add Mint and Coriander leaves, required amount of water and blend it completely.
***Try to blend everything in a short time. If you blend for longer time, there are chances that your chutney  may turn to very dark in color. Well, some blenders don't blend the whole thing in less time. It takes more time, adding water and blending. When there is no option for a good blender (especially for making chutneys, and chopping nuts, grinding whole masala's) then you will be getting dark color chutney like mine!

After blending, add salt and Lemon juice. 

The Green Chutney is ready to serve with Chaat or Samosa's!!

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