Banana Bread/ Cake/ Loaf

This is moist,soft and delish. I never got a No for this bread. As soon as they eat this, they say, Blessy, it's super! It's got that lovely banana flavor.One could use a loaf pan , muffin cups or a cake tin to make this recipe. I personally love the loaf  way! One can substitute half of the All purpose Flour / Maida with Wheat Flour for a healthy version of Banana Bread. Over ripen bananas are the  best for this recipe. Here I have used chocolate chunks for the taste and texture . You could substitute with your own choice of nuts, combination of chocolate chips etc. *Banana and chocolate, whatta lovely combination ya!! 
I wanted to make 2 loaves of Banana Bread, since I dont have 2 loaf tins, I used a square cake tin for the second batch. To make 1 loaf of Banana Bread, measure half the recipe which in given below.

To Make This Recipe You'll Need :

Margarine/Unsalted butter
226 grams
All Purpose Flour/ Maida
3 Cups
Granulated Sugar
2 Cups
Baking Soda
1 ½ Teaspoons
1 ½ Teaspoons
Vanilla Essence
2 Teaspoons
½ Cup
4 Nos
Banana Puree
6 Bananas
Dark (or) Milk Chocolate Chunks
1 ½ Cups (or) as needed


Method : 
Begin by beating the butter with sugar until well combined. To the Butter-sugar mixture add the eggs one at a time and mix well. Also add the vanilla essence and mix well.

Now,add the Sifted flour( flour+baking soda+salt) slowly and mix well using a spoon/ whisk or spatula(if using a mixer), add the milk and mix, add the banana puree and mix well with the spoon /whisk or spatula. Now, switch to the mixer(if used in the previous process) and blend everything well . This should take about 1 minute. Do not over mix. Using the mixer is to ensure there are no lumps, less physical work and less time consumption. If your using a whisk/ Spoon or spatula from the beginning , continue with it.

Now add the chocolate chunks, mix well and pour in the prepared loaf pans. 

Bake in the pre-heated oven 160 degrees C for 1 hour. (I pre-heated the oven for about 7 minutes). The loaf tin took extra 15 minutes here. as I put both the tins. If your baking only the loaf , then it would take 1 hour or until the tooth pick comes out clean when inserted in the centre. Remember, each oven's functionality is different. Keep an eye on your bread while you bake. I baked this Banana Bread/ Banana Cake in the OTG Oven.

Enjoy !

Notes : 
1.Follow the measurements, not the quantity in the pictures
2. Whisk the butter and sugar until the sugar gets dissolved.
3. If your bread starts browning dark in color on the top, cover it with the aluminium foil after around 30 minutes.
4. New ovens gets preheated quickly and cooks food quickly. So always keep an eye on the bread. Once you understand your oven's functionalities its tension free.Set the temperature, preheat, put the food, set the time and bake!

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