Egg Fried Rice

Egg fried rice is a quick and easy recipe. One can make fried rice with leftover rice. Important things to be noted when making fried rice is to have perfectly cooked, non-sticky rice. So pre-cook the rice, let it sit in the open air, let the moisture get evaporated before making it. One can also use regular rice instead of basmati rice. This recipe has no specific measures, you could add all according to your taste. M.S.G (Monosodium glutamate china salt or tasting salt), Soy Sauce, and Plain Vinegar is supposed to go in with little quantity. You want the light flavor of them, not to overpower the dish. Many are worried about using the M.S.G. Using it in little quantities won't bring any harm. However, families who have kids below 5 years and pregnant women skip M.S.G in their diet. I  suggest you do the same though it's not proven scientifically!! So, let's get back to the recipe! 

To Make This Recipe You'll Need : 

Cooked  Rice



Green Bell Pepper / Capsicum



Pepper Powder


Soy Sauce

Plain Vinegar
Spring onions

It's better to use Aged Rice. It expands more and does not stick. 

Taste while you cook, don't add seasonings accordingly to this picture. 

And Oil, Vinegar, Spring Onions ( No Pictures) 

Method : 

Begin by beating the eggs, on the other hand, heat the kadai or wok on a high flame, add around 3 tablespoons of oil ( coat the whole kadai or wok with the oil), let the oil heat up, and add the beaten egg mixture. Let it get cooked slightly and gently fold in the egg mixture as shown in the pictures below and gently scramble it. ( Now, you could season your eggs with salt and pepper )

Add, the veggies to the cooked egg quickly (work fast, your on high flame ) toss them for 1 minute, now decrease the flame to low, cook the veggies with the lid covered for about 2 minutes if you're not used to eating semi-cooked veggies. Next add the cooked rice, followed by salt, pepper, M.S.G, Soy sauce, and Vinegar. Toss well together (High flame again). Check for seasonings and serve !! 

Mix well, add spring onions ( my favorite) :) .... Serve !!! 

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