South Indian Curry Enhancer/ Curry Powder

Make your veg curries full flavored by adding this powder. I've been using this powder in my curries since few months and I must say, it really does its job, its kinda cherry on the pudding, that final touch which adds depth to your dish. 

To Make This Recipe, You'll Need : 

To be roasted without oil :

Bengal gram/ Chana dal
1 cup
Split black gram/ Urad dal
1 cup
Dry coconut
1/4th cup (powdered or grated)

To be roasted with oil :

2 Tablespoons
Red chillies
Around 1 cup
Curry leaves
½ cup
½ Teaspoon

Method : 

1. Begin by dry roasting the first ingredients table i.e, grams and dry coconut each separately, until it turns golden brown in color.
2. Next, heat the oil in pan and roast the chillies on low flame until they turn bright red  and crisp. Remove from oil and set aside. 
3. Now roast the curry leaves with asafoetida until they turn crisp.
4. Grind all these ingredients into a fine powder, cool and store for future use. 

Enjoy :)

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