Stuffed Bhindi/ Bharwa Bhindi/ Stuffed Okra/ Blessy's Easy Bhindi / Sauteed - Not Deep Fried Bhindi

Remember my mom's peanut podi recipe? I must say, that's a keeper as it can be used in many recipes. 
Like for example, this bhindi recipe. Once you've stashed this recipe all bottled up, you can wave the magic wand in your kitchen swiftly. I used the word stash as I can recall, my mom would hide this podi sometimes coz we'd go only for this, leaving behind the other preparations on the dining table. How resourceful this recipe turned out to be! We get to enjoy the podi along with the veggie 😃!

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      To Make This Recipe You'll Need: 

Bhindi/ Okra 

Mom's Peanut podi 


That it is! It's that simple! Oh yeah, and coriander if you wish to fancify it.

The measures are up to you, how much filling you want in your bhendis, add oil accordingly, just enough to coat all the veggies.

Method : 

1. Make long slits lengthwise to the washed and air-dried bhendis, without cutting throughout, so that a pocket forms for the stuffing.   

2. Fill the bhindis with the peanut podi carefully and gently compress it with your fingers. 

3. Once all are ready, add oil to the cookpot, release the stuffed bhindis into it, give it a good mix, and cook on low flame to ensure the bhindis get cooked from within as well. Keep turning the bhindis carefully every 2 minutes to not burn.

4. Once they are cooked or shrunk in its size, you can add extra podi on the top, mix well and finish the dish. 


 1. If you want to try this recipe in large quantities, you might want to make it in batches or use a wider pot relative to which your gas burners should support. 

2. For an enjoyable cooking experience, choose the bhindis of the same size, lean ones. 


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