Bread Bowls

Bread Bowls are a very delicious snack and are fun to make. The bread bowls in this recipe are made with vegetables but you can make chicken or lamb bread bowls by adding meat to the white sauce which will be our main stuffing in this recipe.

     To Make This Recipe You will need :

Boiled Mixed Vegetables  of your choice
1 cup
Bread Slices
9 to 10
All-purpose  flour ( Maida)
1 Tablespoon
3 Tablespoons
1 Cup
To Taste
To Taste
Keya seasoning
To Taste
Cheese (Mozarella)
To top the bread bowls


    Method :

 Start by taking a slice of your choice of bread. I used brown bread.
To make a bowl from the slice of bread, slightly flatten each bread slice with a chapati rolling pin.

After rolling out all the bread slices, apply butter to your molds (I used cupcake molds) and gently press the bread slices into the mold and tear away the excess part of the bread which can be later used to make pudding or bread sweet.

Now, bake these bowls at 150 degrees Celsius for 5 minutes.
Meanwhile, start preparing the stuffing for the bowls.

Make the Stuffing:

To a hot kadai, add butter (use cooking butter which is white in color for good white-colored sauce, followed by maida.
Stir the maida and butter mixture continuously on a low flame so as to not form lumps. This mixture is called 'Roux' (pronounced as 'Roo').
When this mixture starts thickening, add milk. Cook it until the whole mixture slightly starts thickening and the maida is cooked off. This is called 'White Sauce'. To this sauce, add vegetables, salt, pepper, and keya seasoning. 
Cook the whole mixture for a minute or so.

* If you choose to make a chicken bread bowl, add precooked chicken to this white sauce.

Now, remove your baked bowls from the oven.
Start filling the bowls with vegetable white sauce and top it with grated cheese.
Bake these Bread bowls again at 200 degrees Celsius for 10 mins.
Rest Bread Bowls to Slightly cool and unmold.

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