Ragi Malt/ Ragi Porridge/ Ragi Java/ Ragi Ambali/ Nachani Malt/ Finger Millet Malt/ Finger Millet Porridge/Red Millet Malt/ Kelvaragu Malt/ Koovarugu Malt/ Mandua Malt

I've grown up having this Ragi Malt, I could say, it's one of my favorite Healthy Indian drinks! Especially if consumed in summer it cools the body and helps the body to relax. Ragi is good for health. It has many super benefits. It has less fat and more fiber, hence it can be on weight loss diet plans. Its good for diabetes, consumption of sugars and polished foods are the main reasons for having diabetes. Ragi cereal is too small to be polished. So it's good for diabetic patients. However, I'd suggest diabetic patients to consume ragi rice in regular intervals than the Ragi Malt. I don't know the science behind the reason, but doctors say to have it in the solid form!
(I reckon this way it gets into the blood slowly compared to the malt, which may contribute to sugar spike) Ragi contains a high amount of calcium. No other cereal contains the amount of calcium as Ragi does. Ragi is a power-packed cereal. It builds immunity, kicks off health problems when consumed regularly. Ragi malt can also be served for babies. People who are gluten intolerant can have Ragi in their diet.

Ragi Cereal !! 

To Make This Recipe, You'll Need : 

Ragi Flour
4 Tablespoons
3 Tablespoons (or) To Taste
4 Tablespoons approx
A Pinch


The cooking method resembles the preparation of custard with custard powder. Instead of using custard powder, we are using  Ragi flour and replacing the milk with water+milk.

Method : 

1. Add around 50ml of water to the ragi flour and mix until all lumps are disappeared.
2. Bring the remaining water to a boil and add the ragi flour mix to the boiling water, add sugar and salt, and milk. Cook until it slightly thickens (just like the custard consistency) and switches off the stove. 
3. Now, your delicious Healthy Ragi Malt is ready! Top it up with your choice of nuts and serve warm or chilled.


Notes : 
1. One could also make Ragi malt with buttermilk or curd. Once the Ragi malt is off the stove add the beaten curd or buttermilk to it. This is often consumed with the addition of salt, no sugar. 
2. Once you add the Ragi Malt mixture to the boiling water, keep stirring continuously to avoid lumps. 
3. One could add green cardamom/elaichi to flavor the Ragi Malt. 
4. Ragi Malt can also be made with Sprouted Ragi Flour. 
5. Sometimes, Ragi Malt may turn thick as it cools down. Dilute it with the required amount of milk and enjoy it. 

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